Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron

Thanks to Forever Publishing & NetGalley, I was able to read this incredible book back in December, and I have been gushing about it ever since! Today I’m sharing my full review with you in honor of Farah’s launch event TONIGHT, hosted by Belmont Books.

Title : Accidentally Engaged

Author : Farah Heron

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher : Forever

Pub Date : March 2nd, 2021

Pages : 384

Reena Manji doesn’t love her career, her single status, and most of all, her family inserting themselves into every detail of her life. But when caring for her precious sourdough starters, Reena can drown it all out. At least until her father moves his newest employee across the hall–with hopes that Reena will marry him.

But Nadim’s not like the other Muslim bachelors-du-jour that her parents have dug up. If the Captain America body and the British accent weren’t enough, the man appears to love eating her bread creations as much as she loves making them. She sure as hell would never marry a man who works for her father, but friendship with a neighbor is okay, right? And when Reena’s career takes a nosedive, Nadim happily agrees to fake an engagement so they can enter a couples video cooking contest to win the artisan bread course of her dreams.

As cooking at home together brings them closer, things turn physical, but Reena isn’t worried. She knows Nadim is keeping secrets, but it’s fine— secrets are always on the menu where her family is concerned. And her heart is protected… she’s not marrying the man. But even secrets kept for self preservation have a way of getting out, especially when meddling parents and gossiping families are involved.

I may have reached my breaking point. As if trying to graduate from a school for supernaturals isn’t stressful enough, my relationship status has gone from complicated to a straight-up dumpster fire. 

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Sophia @the_unwined co-hosted this title with me for @loveARCtually & it was such a fun club read!

*** Beware, you’ll pick this one up & suddenly realize you sat down to start it & suddenly you’re finished, and craving ALL the bread, forever. ***

WHAT a great love story, and I could shout from the rooftops how much I adored this own voices, cultural tale that taught me plenty of new things about Reena’s Muslim culture and wanted me to try ALL of the incredible food they cooked up in this book. I may just be a boring heterosexual caucasian female, but love knows no color or sex and I am here to cheer on ALL the romances…. even if they might be a pretend engagement to the man your parents want to arrange you to marry. 

“Your father and my father just entered a business partnership together. And apparently…you and I are to be married.” He shrugged, one side of his lip raising slightly. “Surprise?”

Reena’s parents may want her to marry Nadim and live happily ever after in the version of her life they see, but she just wants to bake all the bread, forever. (my kind of girl, WHO doesn’t love bread?!) And who can blame her? She may be struggling with her career, but that doesn’t stop her from making it known what she wants and going after it. Encouraged by her endearing friends and even the sister she once felt betrayed by, this romance is full of heart and hope and SO much chemistry cooking up in that kitchen! 

While I had not read anything by Farah Heron before this book, I have to say I will be a fan for life. The contemporary romance had a flavor of fun, while keeping it a quick and engaging read with the witty wording & incredible character development. Reena and everything she wanted (or didn’t want) was so relatable and true to herself, it had me cheering her on in the cooking competition, in life and in love.

This was a title I loved so much, it was an absolute must pick for a club read for loveARCtually – we read this title as a buddy read early this year and we were so lucky to get to chat with Farah for our end of book chat! My lovely friend Sophia from @the_unwined cohosted the title and it was a member favorite for sure!

Want to see what some of our members thought of the book? Head over to see some of their reviews!

Accidentally Engaged is cute, funny and a gem. I laughed out loud so many times, I lost track. I loved Reena’s quirky personality, especially how she names all her bread starters. Her inner monologue is the best! Reena is also extremely relatable. I enjoyed her journey of self-discovery, figuring out her head and her heart, all while trying to buck her family’s pressure to settle down.

  • Check out Emma‘s Goodreads Review –

This book was anything but half-baked. Farah Heron expertly weaves together culture and romance while maintaining a well-proved plot. She also discusses mental health, familial pressure, and what it means to make a home for yourself. Overall a beautiful book that I couldn’t put down. Plus she includes recipes for some of the delicious food mentioned in the book which is a win in my book!

I can’t help the bread references, don’t be sour about it.

  • I loved Kenni‘s thoughts too –

I was very excited to read this ARC, and it did not disappoint! While I do not share Reena and Nadim’s culture, I do share in the experience of having this connection to my culture through food. Reading this book reminded me of how grateful I am to have that culture. Additionally, it was comforting to read about Nadim’s experience moving around (re: the quote above), as it felt similar to my own experiences of moving extremely often.

Our @loveARCtually end of book chat with Farah herself was SO much fun! Want to join in for one of our future club titles? Head HERE to sign up!

I cannot wait for tonight’s launch celebration hosted by Belmont Books – so excited to hear more from Farah & her incredible guests, Sonali Dev (Incense and Sensibility out July 6th!) and Roselle Lim (Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop out August 4th!)

About the Author:

After a childhood raised on Bollywood, Monty Python, and Jane Austen, Farah self-rejected her writing career before jotting down a single word, despite admitting her ultimate fantasy was to be a writer. But when she could no longer keep the story arcs straight in her daydreams, she started writing a few years ago and never looked back. She writes comedic women’s fiction full of huge South Asian families, delectable food, and most importantly, brown people falling stupidly in love. Prior to writing, she had careers in Human Resources and Psychotherapy. She lives in Toronto with her patient husband, surly teenager, and delightful middle-grader, along with two gerbils, one hamster, one rabbit, and a fish named Silvia.

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2 thoughts on “Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron

  1. I just finished reading this last night and adored it. I completely agree with you…I was craving bread and munchies while reading this. I don’t know why I didn’t think there would be so much emphasis on food when it’s obviously in the book description. I enjoyed reading your review!


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